Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is intended to mirror that of HerpMapper. HerpMapper, Inc. is a nonprofit designed to gather and disseminate information about reptile and amphibian observations across the globe.

Submitted Information

You voluntarily agree to supply personal information when you login and submit data to HerpMapper. By logging in, you allow us to associate your reptile and amphibian observations with a unique identifier. This unique identifier allows you to track your personal observations (e.g., life lists and backyard lists) for your individual use. If you submit an unusual observation, or an incomplete observation, we may e-mail you to request more details. Your email address and contact information will NOT be sold or distributed outside HerpMapper and HerpMapper Partners ("HMPs") in regions where you are participating. Profile information allows us to gain a better understanding of the HerpMapper participants and to determine how best to improve the website for HerpMapper users.

Reptile and amphibian observations are the most important pieces of information that we collect. Basic information about an observation (e.g., state and county), and an observations associated photographic or audio voucher(s) are viewable to the general public. Detailed location information about an observation is only available to HerpMapper and approved HMPs. No personal contact information is made public.

Data Sensitivity & Species Protection

The primary goal of HerpMapper is to maintain a universally accessible, centralized database of records created from 'catch-and-release' observations of amphibians and reptiles. While being able to see records entered into HerpMapper, the general public do not have access to specific locality data within the records. Detailed locality information is only made available to the HerpMapper user who entered the record, and to the HerpMapper Partners who have been approved to view the data for specific research or conservation purposes. HerpMapper does NOT make detailed locality information available to the general public under any circumstances.

HerpMapper Partners are discouraged from sharing point-location data publicly, even for common species, but HerpMapper acknowledges that in some cases this may be necessary to meet conservation and research objectives. HerpMapper encourages its Partners to contact HerpMapper directly to discuss publication and sharing of data.


Cookies are pieces of data that we store on your computer to tie your information to the HerpMapper program. Cookies allow you to store your login information, so that you will not be required to log in each time you visit the HerpMapper web site.

Internet browsers allow you to determine whether or not to accept cookies (check under the preferences or options in the browser menu). If you decide not to accept cookies, you can still use the HerpMapper site, but you will not be able to enter observations.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

We may occasionally update or amend HerpMapper's Privacy Statement. If we make changes, we will post these changes here.